Tommy LaSalle
Tommy LaSalle infobox 250px
Tommy LaSalle in season 1
Season(s) 1
Portrayed by Dewshane Williams
First appearance Pilot
Latest appearance Past Is Prologue
Episode count 10
Status Alive
Species Human
Occupation Deputy of Defiance
Residence Defiance, North America
Parents Unnamed parents
Significant other(s) Irisa

Tommy LaSalle is a recurring character in the first season. He is portrayed by Dewshane Williams, and makes his debut in the series premiere.

Tommy is a male Human, and the deputy of Defiance.



Born in the early years of the war, Tommy arrived in Defiance an orphan, bearing the scars of his painful upbringing. Eager for a fresh start and a desire to put his past behind him, he eventually found his purpose as the Lawkeeper’s deputy. His bright optimism – and sharp survival skills – make him a good man to have in your corner.[1]


Season 1 appearances
Pilot Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go The Devil in the Dark A Well Respected Man The Serpent's Egg Brothers in Arms
Goodbye Blue Sky I Just Wasn't Made for These Times If I Ever Leave This World Alive The Bride Wore Black Past Is Prologue Everything Is Broken


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