Kenya Rosewater
Kenya Rosewater infobox 250px
Kenya Rosewater in season 1
Season(s) 1
Portrayed by Mia Kirshner
First appearance Pilot
Latest appearance Past Is Prologue
Episode count 8
Status Alive
Species Human
Occupation Owner of NeedWant
Residence Defiance, North America
Parents Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Sibling(s) Amanda Rosewater
Spouse(s) Hunter Bell (deceased)

Kenya Rosewater is a main character in the first season. She is portrayed by Mia Kirshner, and makes her debut in the series premiere.

Kenya is a female Human. She is the owner of the NeedWant.



Kenya is the beautiful spitfire who runs the NeedWant, the town’s bar and brothel. Self-assured and dauntless, she has an unwavering devotion to the town that has inexorably woven her into many of its complicated affairs.[1]

Growing up, Kenya rebelled by making trouble and embracing her sexuality. When Kenya arrived in Defiance, she took up residence at the NeedWant, eventually becoming its proprietor. She has a keen insight into the needs of others, but a blind spot when it comes to her own emotions.[1]


Season 1 appearances
Pilot Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go The Devil in the Dark A Well Respected Man The Serpent's Egg Brothers in Arms
Goodbye Blue Sky I Just Wasn't Made for These Times If I Ever Leave This World Alive The Bride Wore Black Past Is Prologue Everything Is Broken


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Family treeEdit

Unnamed mother
Amanda Rosewater
(b. 2011)
Kenya Rosewater


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