Datak Tarr
Datak Tarr infobox 250px
Datak Tarr in season 1
Season(s) 1, 2
Portrayed by Tony Curran
First appearance Pilot
Latest appearance Past Is Prologue
Episode count 9
Status Alive
Species Castithan
Residence Tarr Residence, Defiance
Parents Unnamed father
Spouse(s) Stahma Tarr
Children Alak Tarr
Other relatives Unnamed grandfather
Religion Shirivanáwo

Datak Tarr is a main character in the first and second[1] seasons. He is portrayed by Tony Curran, and makes his debut in the series premiere.

Datak is a male Castithan from the Shanje liro, the husband of Stahma Tarr, and the father of Alak Tarr.



Datak Tarr is the primary figure in Defiance’s underworld, running everything from gambling to weapons smuggling and organized crime. True to his Castithan ways, Datak is always on the lookout for opportunities that allow him to get his hooks into people so he can later manipulate them to his own ends.[2]

Born into a lower caste on his homeworld, Datak was a survivor who found his way onto an Ark despite his low standing. There he met Stahma, who admired his instincts, and the two became husband and wife. Once they arrived in Defiance, he used brute force and wits to establish a powerful business interest in the town. More than anything, Datak desires legitimacy and a better future for his family.[2]


Season 1 appearances
Pilot Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go The Devil in the Dark A Well Respected Man The Serpent's Egg Brothers in Arms
Goodbye Blue Sky I Just Wasn't Made for These Times If I Ever Leave This World Alive The Bride Wore Black Past Is Prologue Everything Is Broken


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Family treeEdit

Datak Tarr
Stahma Tarr
Alak Tarr
Christie McCawley



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